2020 Bulk Buy


Artwork and deadlines

If you are submitting your own artwork for the Correx Boards, Posters or Letterheads then can you please submit them by noon on 2pm Thursday 12th March. Later submissions will delay your delivery.

If you have asked us to do the design for you then you need to submit all of the information we will need (e.g. photos, text etc.)

Posters and correx

Please submit a square (diamond) PDF of just the black parts. Only one is needed for all of the sizes you order as we will scale it. A template is here. Please make sure you have a visible imprint.

If you have asked us to design the posters for you please submit the following by the close of the bulk deal at 10am Wednesday 11th March:

  • Name of Candidate
  • By-line (e.g. Winning Here, Delivering For You)
  • Imprint

We will send you a draft by the end of Friday for you to sign off by noon on the Sunday .


Please send a CMYK PDF with 3mm bleed. A template with clear areas for where content will show through the window is here. Please make sure you have an imprint and space for the address block in the right place (don’t move the address as we cannot move the window on an envelope!)

If you have asked us to design the letterhead please submit the following by Wednesday 11th March:

• Name of Candidate
• Constituency Name
• By-line eg Delivering for...
• Parliamentary Candidate for.... • Address, Phone Number, Email Address
• Any social media accounts you want on there, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
• Portrait or team photo • What you want the imprint to be
• Copy of bar chart if you want one on the letterhead


We will send you a draft by the end of Friday for you to sign off by noon on Sunday .

For any artwork you produce (e.g. Letterheads or posters) you should put the printer imprint of “Election Workshop, 3 Sheffield Street, Manchester. M1 2ND.”


  1. If delivery comes to less than a pallet we will refund the difference.
  2. Prices exclude VAT. All items are subject to VAT.
  3. By returning the form you agree to Election Workshop using your details to contact you for marketing purposes including to fulfil this order.
  4. By submitting an order you are accepting Election Workshop's terms and conditions.
  5. We have 120 thousand blue C6 envelopes in stock, and 223 thousand cream C6. Orders in excess of that will be delivered two weeks later.



By Card: At the end of your online order you can pay by Card using Stripe.

By BACS: If you want to pay by BACS or Cheque then please complete the order but don't pay. Send the cheque or BACS payment (Letter Workshop Limited: sort code 01 05 31 account 39269884) to arrive before the order deadline as we can only include orders that have been paid for.

By Cheque: We understand some local parties cannot pay electronically. This bulk deal is payment in advance (to lower the costs). So if you would like to pay by cheque please complete this order form (or the one online) and email us to tell us you are paying by cheque. The cheque must arrive on by the order deadline to be included in the bulk deal. If it is received after this date we will already have placed the bulk deal orders with manufacturers and so availability cannot be guaranteed.