AEC Information

What has happened
We have three fast leaflet addressing machines that have worked well addressing leaflets of the past few months. These machines have not coped well with the volume of a General Election, and have broken down repeatedly over the last few days.
We were at near full capacity if the machines were in working order due to the very high take up of Addressed Election Communications which was about three times the volume we had planned for prior to the General Election.
Our three machines could address 360,000 items per 24hr shift pattern. All three machines now have failed again this weekend and require parts to fix which will mean they will not be online until at least the end of the week. Once repaired we will not have enough time remaining to complete your order on time.
Our staff have worked incredibly hard to try and resolve the problems and deliver as we all care about your election result, but we cannot without working machines.
What have we done to fix this?
We have made several changes to increase capacity, including the purchase of further addressing equipment, tripling our staff and we extended our usual 18hr election day to a 24hr shift pattern. We have made every effort possible to be able to address your leaflets for you.
The weekend has been spent trying to repair the machines and get them working again, but this has not been possible. Repairs will take a few days - which we do not have.
Does this apply to other orders?
No, all of our unaddressed election communications are not affected as we do not need to use an addressing machine on these to complete the work. All leaflet orders will proceed as normal too.
What can we do to help now
a) We can deliver the leaflets to you for hand delivery
If this is the best solution for you then we can get them despatched to you. Send us a delivery name, address, email and phone number by return to this email with your constituency name.
b) We can deliver the leaflets to you for labelling
If your local party can arrange clerical capacity to label the leaflets then we can help by running your data through Electionsort to email you, and sending you 21up labels to print off, and box labels too. We can help you with arranging the collection and drop off with Royal Mail and providing the EL1 form for the delivery to the Royal Mail Drop Off Point.
c) We will signpost you to companies that may still have the capacity to address your leaflets, and deliver the leaflets to them.
We are already contacting as many companies as possible who do addressing of leaflets and if they have capacity we will be adding them to a noticeboard at It may be that there are companies that can complete the job even if it is later going to Royal Mail. We can help you with arranging the collection and drop off with Royal Mail and providing the EL1 form for the delivery to the Royal Mail Drop Off Point.
d) Cancel your order for addressed leaflets
How to contact us
We have been receiving more calls that we can answer. If you cannot get through please send an email to and we have put more staff onto answering your queries as best we can.
You can ring 0161 272 6216. We will be prioritising making sure we have spoken to each seat we have sent this email to in the first instance - and then answering your queries.
We will of course refund the cost of the bundling and addressing services we were unable to provide plus advice. We will begin processing those refunds from polling week onwards as prior to that we will be concentrating on helping seats find alternative arrangements.

ALDC and Election Workshop
We were recommended by ALDC in good faith on our record of helping hundreds of seats over the past few years and running a very successful unaddressed Election Communication offer in 2017.