We have over twenty years’ experience of designing high quality campaign literature for key seats.

Some local teams use our design services all year round. Other campaigners use our service on a leaflet by leaflet basis. Each area has unique requirements, so please get in touch if you would like to understand how we can help and how much that would cost.

Please always book ahead if you would like us to design your leaflets. We have short deadlines for copy before a print deadline to help you make sure your leaflets are as up to date as possible. This means that we have to make sure we have the capacity to do the work for you.

ALDC Templates

If you plan to use ALDC templates then Election Workshop offers much lower prices for design work. You supply the photos and copy for one of ALDC’s templates and we will artwork the leaflet for you.


You may wish Election Workshop to create a template for your area, or design a leaflet which is different from any of the templates. We are very happy to design to your particular requirements. The cost of detailed by the size of the leaflet in the table above.



Many local parties run common copy leaflets in a number of wards. If your local party does that then Election Workshop will offer appropriately reduced prices if the copy and photos are supplied together.