Direct Mail

Some messages are better directed at a subset of the electorate. Examples include young person surveys, third party squeeze, or a housing survey.

Target literature can be delivered in a geographic area, it can be addressed, or handed out.

It allows you to tailor your message more closely to the recipient. The more you personalise target literature the higher its readership and reply rate. If you enclose it in an envelope, readership and return rates are increased still further.

Direct mail and target literature can come in many forms. For example you could deliver a leaflet targetted to your supporters or opposition supporters. Alternately, you might want to write to everyone who has signed one of your petitions asking them to join you at an event or to support another campaign.

Here an example of one of our favourites that we recently printed and posted for Hazel Grove constituency. The final product was enclosed in a DL enveloped with the letter and survey.