Election Address

Unaddressed Election Communication Guide


Over the Bank Holiday Weekend we will put the order form and the Royal Mail Election Communication Guide.

ALDC Election Address Bulk Buy Timeline

The deadlines for this are very tight because of the snap nature of this general election.

  • Template Release by ALDC, Friday 28th April.
  • Contact the Royal Mail Election Support Team to book your communication, Thursday 27th April – Tuesday 2nd May.
  • Design finished and sent to the Royal Mail for approval (48-hour turnaround), Tuesday 2nd May.
  • Any corrections completed, leaflet sent to Election Workshop, Midnight Friday 5th May.
  • Book your drop off with Royal Mail (they need at least 48 hours’ notice), Thursday 11th – Tuesday 16th May.
  • Your Election Communication delivered back to you, pre-boxed and with stickers, Tuesday 16th May.
  • Final day for drop off at Royal Mail depot, Friday 19th May.
  • Your election communication is delivered, Monday 22nd – Wednesday 31st May.


Stage One – Starting the Process


Who does it: You (local team)

This step needs you to do three things: 1) Book your election address with Royal Mail, 2) Design your election address and get it approved by Royal Mail, 3) Make any changes requested by the Royal Mail and send to Election Workshop.

1) The first step to any election communication is contacting the Royal Mail Election Support Team. Before contacting remember you need to tell them three things: 1. Your candidates Name, 2. The constituency they are standing in, 3. What type of election address you are doing (in this case it is simply Unaddressed).

The Election Support Team will also provide you with the number of households relevant to your area. It is vital you take note of this information. The information will be essential when printing the materials your need, we cannot print an election address unless we know how many you need.

The latest date you must do this is: Tuesday 2nd May.

Contacting the Royal Mail Election Support Team: [email protected]; 08456 076 416.

2) You will need to design your election address and send it to Royal Mail for approval before it can be printed. If you do not get your artwork approved by Royal Mail you will be liable for the postage of your entire election address. ALDC’s template will be release on Friday 28th of April and should give you an easy starting point and you will only need to add names and photos. Remember it’s important we all keep on message as then it’s more powerful. The Royal Mail say the approval of your artworks can take up to 48 hours.

Latest date you must submit to the Royal Mail: Tuesday 2nd May.

Contact detail for the Royal Mail Artwork Checking Team: [email protected]; 08456 076 424.

3) Once your design comes back from the Royal Mail there will be two options. Either your design will have been approved in which case you should upload it to Election Workshop or you will need to make changes according to the Royal Mail. You MUST make these changes or you will be liable for the entire postage of your election address. Once you make changes, you should upload you design to Election Workshop for printing.

The latest you must do this is: Midnight Friday 5th of May.

Contacting Election Workshop: [email protected]; 07896 729 714.

Uploading your design: http://www.electionworkshop.co.uk/upload


Stage Two – Production & boxing for drop off


Who does it: Us

One your design has been uploaded to us we take over and will deliver to you a ready to drop off election communication. For unaddressed communications, the Royal Mail requires three conditions to be met and we will help with all three. First, your election communication must be bundled in 100s or smaller. We will do this for you. Second, each box of leaflets must weigh less than 11 kilos. Again, we will sort this for you. Finally, each box must be labelled to Royal Mail’s specification. We will print the labels and post them to you but you will need to fill out the information highlighted in the example below.


All the rest we can merge in from the information you give us before printing the bulk buy.

This means you will receive a full prepared election communication by our delivery deadline and all that needs to happen to finish the job is dropping

Latest you will receive your leaflets: Tuesday 17th May.


Stage Three - Drop off to Royal Mail


Who does it: You (local team)

The final step on this process before you can relax knowing the Royal Mail will be delivering your election communication is dropping it off with them. When Royal Mail approve your artwork, they will provide you with a reference (artwork checking) code and contact details for your Election Manager (EM). Please make sure you discuss your mailing plan with your EM as soon as possible – they will be able to confirm the available acceptance dates and Drop Off Points for your mailing.

Please remember:

  • EMs can only organise hand over dates for mail that has been checked and given an artwork checking code by the Royal Mail Artwork Checking Team.
  • The earlier you book your mailing in, the better the chance of your preferred date being available.
  • You need to give your EM a minimum of two working days’ notice of your intention to post.
  • You will need to take your mailing to the Royal Mail Drop Off Points on the agreed date and time – your EM will give you details of these.

Please note: Every Drop Off Point has a finite daily capacity and when this is reached you will be offered an alternative date by the EM; an alternative date will only be offered when we have the capacity to accept the mailing.

Latest date the drop off can be booked: Tuesday 16th May.