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Prices relate to 2020 and prior.

Please email [email protected] for assistance or call 0161 272 6216.

Election Workshop has been set up by Liberal Democrat campaigners for Liberal Democrat campaigners.

Election Workshop are happy to help any campaign to fulfil their literature requirements. We believe we can save you money compared with the traditional way of sourcing these materials.

Election Workshop is led by experienced campaigners Charles Glover and Chris Kane who will be happy to receive an email or call from you to discuss your requirements, or you can ask for information in feedback section below.

Here is a little more about the Charles and Chris.

[Photo, short bio, and contact details]

Chris Kane


Charles Glover

Charles was a campaign organiser for the Liberal Democrat groups of over thirty councillors on Oldham MBC and Manchester City Council. He was a councillor on Oldham MBC from 2000-2004 and on Manchester City Council from 2007-2012.

For ten years Charles was the Chief of Staff for Manchester Withington MP John Leech (from 2005-2015). He has mentored, trained and facilitated for large and small Liberal Democrat groups from across the country for fifteen years.

Charles is a specialist in message and electoral communications and was responsible for a string of winning campaigns. Charles and John's campaign teams were leaders in campaign innovation, and multi award winners including: HQ's Best Overall Campaign 2014 and ALDC's best literature award twice.