Election Workshop can offer all of the print products Liberal Democrats use to campaign. We work in partnership with ALDC to offer affordable prices for Constituency and Ward print runs.

We are currently offering bulk buy prices for calendars, calling cards and Christmas cards. Templates for all of these items are available free for ALDC members. 

Colour leaflets

We offer full colour litho printed leaflets in gloss, silk and uncoated papers. Our gloss and silk leaflet prices include the more expensive and heavier quality 130/135gsm paper.

Risograph leaflets

Risograph printing is popularly used in political campaigning, especially by Liberal Democrats. They are a good value option for leaflets and inserts to mailings, and especially cost effective for quicker jobs and ward size print runs. We have a couple of two colour Risograph machines which can quickly print leaflets or inserts for your campaign.

Peace of mind

We review all submitted artwork to spot print problems, checking the print size, bleed, fold position and imprint in order to spot problems before it is too late. If we do spot a problem we will help you to resolve it.