Postal Vote Action Fortnight


ALDC is organising a national Fortnight of Action to help campaigners build the number of Liberal Democrat supporters on postal votes. Evidence shows that postal voters are significantly more likely to vote than 'regular' voters - particularly in local elections.

In order to win elections it is important to make it easy for your supporters to vote.

In partnership with ALDC we are offering a ready built pack that will make your efforts easier and more successful.

First off, we will provide you with a ready to deliver target mail consisting of a letter, insert from Tim Farron and a postal vote form. This will let your supporters know how important signing up for postal votes are and let them know you will be calling round with a form later. Liberal Democrats that have used with technique have doubled with numbers of returned postal vote form when compared to 'cold calling.'

The next item is named and addressed calling card. This re-enforces your message about how important postal votes are and ensures that if you didn't get someone to sign up this time they know how important postal votes are. Studies show that you often need to ask three times before someone understands how important these things are and signs up or helps your campaign.

We are doing a special price for the ALDC Postal Vote Action Fortnight of 20p per elector (inc. VAT). For that you will receive:

  1. Colour lasered and mail merged letter with your words and photo, with a postal vote form and a colour DL insert from Tim Farron (or Willie Rennie) which will be stuffed into a DL 90gsm white window envelope for you.
  2. A two colour Riso A4 which is localised to your area, and the addresses mail merged on.