Running elections is a tricky business.

You might be fighting for a fantastic local candidate, a local landmark that's being destroyed, the party you believe in or the thousand other reasons to stand up for your community. One thing's for sure though, you're going to run out of time!

Having some much to do and so little time is something everyone's familiar with, but it's never worse when there is an immanent public vote. Each second you use has to be productive and doing the best thing for your cause to win.

Both Directors of Election Workshop have experience running a campaign in an award winning UK parliamentary seat so we want to help save you time. We understand the way campaigns work and what you (and us) want as print customers. We will be operating in a slightly different way to commercial printers and offering a few services that are not available anywhere else.

Folding in to delivery walks - We will pre-fold leaflets and target mail into walks. Saving you or your organiser time, leaving more time to campaign on the doorstep!

Target mail - We understand what a 4S mailing is and why postal vote mailings matter. We can provide support and will spot data problems much earlier.

Bulking jobs will save us all money - Whether you're a ward or constituency, we have a plan that you can buy into to make it cheaper than going direct.

Monthly print deadlines - These mean you never receive a leaflet late and can keep your campaign on track.
Money up front - We don't have to pass on the cost of our bad payers to our good payers

On time

Good value

Offering the materials that fit political campaigning


Election Workshop is a trading name of Letter Workshop Limited. Letter Workshop specialises in communication materials for for medium and small companies including political parties. In particular professional letters and flyers.