Surveying is a great way to contact people, and discovering the issues of concern to them. They are also a good way of colleting people’s contact details so we can keep in touch with them, and data on people’s voting preferences.

It actually engages local residents with issues they care about rather than politics. Obviously local issues can be very political, but many local residents won’t instantly see them that way.

We offer two different products both a full colour and risograph printed survey.

Full colour surveys can be ordered at any time, and can be single or double sided. Our bulk deadlines are midnight of the 18th of each month for return approximately the 27th (depending on weekends). Order using the link below.


Our Risograph deadlines are Wednesday to Wednesday. If you supply the files to us by midnight on Wednesday then we will despatch the leaflets the following Wednesday to be delivered the following day. Order using the link below.