Three Leaflet Deal

To allow wards to run cost effective full colour leaflets during the local election campaign we have worked with ALDC to come up with the following three leaflet offer. It should mean that the colour leaflets take up around 40% of your election expenses, leaving around 60% for other campaigning.

The first of the three leaflets is intended to be delivered before election expenses. The second leaflet (A3) when postal votes land, and the third (A4) for the final weekend.

(1)    The flying start is 495 x 230mm flat, folded in thirds to 165 x 230mm portrait.

(2)    A3 folded in thirds

(3)    A4 offset folded in half

If you prefer an A3 to replace (1) we can substitute it for no additional cost.

As in previous years ALDC will be providing templates. They can be found here (you will need to be logged into your ALDC account.)





To ensure we can book in the capacity for wards with our print partners we are asking wards to sign up by the 1st March. After that date we will still be able to print for them, but depending on their local circumstances the dates might have to be varied.
If wards are concerned about the dates for their local campaigns (because postal votes are at different times for instance) then they should get in contact on our email and we will sort something out for them - and try to make sure they still benefit from the reduced three leaflet prices.