Three Leaflet Deal

To allow wards to run cost effective full colour leaflets during the local election campaign we have worked with ALDC to come up with the following three leaflet offer. ALDC will be providing templates for all three leaflets in the plan and you can join here to access them. Last year's templates are still available in ALDC's file library.

The first of the three leaflets is intended to be delivered before election expenses. The second leaflet is intended for delivery just before postal votes landing, and the final leaflets is to be delivered before the final weekend of the election.

Advance sign up for the deal is here.

Please contact us if you'd like any more information at: [email protected]

Literature offer

(1)    The flying start is 495 x 230mm flat, folded in thirds to 195 x 230mm portrait.  Click here for an example.

(2)    A3 Map leaflet folded in thirds.  Click here for an example. 

(3)    A4 offset folded in half.  Click here for an example.


Print run



£335 was £415


£435 was £485


£515 was £555


£595 was £625


£675 was £695


£755 was £765



Deadlines in 2017

We have four options for deadlines.


Copy and photos

Print deadline

(midnight close)

Election goal

20th March

1st March

7th March

Flying start (candidate record)



12th April

24th March

31st March

Postal vote weekend (map leaflet)

26th April

11th April

17th April

Final weekend (push candidate)


If the first leaflet of the three is delivered before the election expenses start then the remaining three leaflets will only take up around 40% of your election expenses. This leaves you around 60% for other campaigning.

Good luck campaigning!